Caring for LGBTI People with Dementia

Caring for LGBTI People with Dementia

Program Purpose and Overview
This workshop provides insight into the issues facing older people from the LGBTI community. It looks at the societal attitudes which have shaped the lives of older LGBTI people, and how this can now affect their confidence in accessing aged care services. Opportunities  are provided to look at how participants can work in a culturally competent and inclusive manner with the LGBTI people.

Benefits and Outcomes for Participants

Attendees will:

  • Develop and understanding of sexual diversities
  • Gain insight into the live experiences of LGBTI people
  • Develop an understanding of diversity within the LGBTI community
  • Explore the implications a diagnosis of dementia can have for this community
  • Look at ways to better provide services to LGBTI people in an appropriate, respectful and inclusive manner.

Duration: 3 hours

Suitable for: All health professionals

Registration Enquiries: Phone: (08) 8372 2100 or Email: