Responding to aggressive behaviours in dementia

Responding to aggressive behaviours in dementia

Program Purpose and Overview
This workshop discusses how aggressive behaviour is often unmet needs, how to identify the needs and how to maintain your safety.

Benefits and Outcomes for Participants

Attendees will:

  • Learn how triggers and casual factors that manifest as ’aggressive’ behaviours are often communication of unmet need
  • Learn to understand the person’s experience of dementia in relation to their background: physical, emotional/psychological and social
  • List and identify intervention techniques that may prevent escalation of feelings of agitation, threat and distress into ‘aggressive’ behaviours
  • Understand the principles and techniques of personal safety to avoid injury if the person’s behaviour escalates to a physical level

Durations: 6 Hours

Suitable for: All health professionals

Registration Enquires:  Phone: (08) 8372 2100 or Email: