How do you tell your soulmate they have dementia?

Spring Appeal 2019 - Dementia Australia - How do you tell your soulmate they have dementia?

A loving wife to John and mother-of-four, at age 55 Wendy became reclusive and began forgetting how to do everyday tasks.

Talking about her memory loss was deeply distressing for Wendy, so when John discovered she had younger onset dementia, he knew the news would be heartbreaking for her.

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When I tuck Wendy into bed, I kneel beside her and caress her cheek and tell her I love her. Even though she rarely speaks, she sometimes whispers ‘I love you’. It’s these moments that keep me going.” John, loving husband and carer to Wendy

Wendy is now 67 and barely talks, cannot feed or dress herself or even walk down the stairs independently.

Despite the intense challenges, Wendy’s worsening condition fills John with deep compassion. After 50 years together, they should be enjoying their retirement, but today John’s greatest hope is that Wendy can stay living at home for as long as possible.

With your support, Wendy and others like her could access services they desperately need, including our social and therapeutic activities, support groups and the counselling they need to keep going.

More than anything Wendy’s family would love to see new, effective dementia treatments - and ultimately a cure.

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