In 2011 Dementia Australia invited Professor John Breitner to speak to Australian audiences on timely diagnosis.

Professor John Breitner MD, MPH, is a geriatric psychiatrist and epidemiologist who has devoted his career to Alzheimer's disease. He has worked extensively in diagnosis and treatment of patients with dementia and is also a world renowned researcher.  

In his presentation Professor Brietner provides an overview of:
• what does brain research tell us about changes in the brain and dementia
• the pathology and the clinical symptoms
• modifying the progression - what do we know?
• the implications for clinical practice


Michael is the father of four children aged 17 to 25, all of whom live at home. 

Working as a criminal barrister, Michael was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 49. Three years on and still in the early stages of his condition, Michael retains insight and articulately shares his thoughts and feelings from within the disease.

Michael’s story is from The Long Goodbye which was aired earlier this year on ABC1. If you would like a copy of the film please visit Ronin Films.


Looking out for Dementia” was developed to inform Indigenous people living in remote communities of Northern Territory about dementia.

This video is part of a set of resources which have been developed in English and three Indigenous languages; Djambarrapuyngu, Warlpiri and Kriol.

For more information please contact at Dementia Australia NT on (08) 8948 5228.

My name is Kate,  and I live in South Australia, Australia.

This is my story about being diagnosed with younger onset dementia, probably Semantic Dementia. It is a hideous disease that is debilitating and terminal and challenging to live with.