The Roundtable

Action Plan Released

Dementia Australia are pleased to announce the launch of the Action Plan resulting from a successful Roundtable with Industry representative and Consumer Summit with people living with dementia.

A synopsis of the National Consumer Summit will be used to inform Roundtable discussions. Here critical issues for people with dementia, their families and carers surrounding dementia care will be raised. The Roundtable will also seek to identify the best strategy to embed quality dementia care at both a minimum and gold standard level, establish what good practices there are currently and how these can be broadened and built on. 

An estimated 30 representatives from industry, key groups and individuals will be invited to join the Roundtable. 

Following the Roundtable, we will be seeking to develop and agree upon the broad elements of a strategy to embed baseline and gold standards of quality dementia care, collect examples of good practice that highlight quality practice and secure commitment from participants to form a working group to support the development of an implementation strategy.