Memory Walk and Jog Event Day Volunteer Registration

Volunteers are invaluable to the success of Dementia Australia (Qld) Memory Walk and Jog and they make a huge contribution to the spirit of the day/s. By donating your time you're enabling us to continue vital frontline work to fight dementia. 

All volunteers will be fully briefed for their role on arrival at their shift. All volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation and an event tshirt. 


  1. Fill out the volunteer registration form (below)
  2. Select a preferred role
  3. Submit the volunteer form
  4. The Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with your specific roster and event day information

Please Note:

  • All volunteer roles require an early start, you may be asked to be on duty as early as 6am. As the Memory Walk and Jog is on a Sunday, please check your transport options before applying.
  • If you would like any further information before applying please check the Frequently Asked Questions here.  
  • We will try to give you your preferred role however we cannot guarantee a preferred position due to limited availability.


Terms and Conditions
As a volunteer I may be asked to assist with the run course and other areas of marshaling, finish line activity and/or performing various other duties during and in respect of the Event. I acknowledge and agree that my participation as a volunteer in respect of the event is subject to my compliance with the conditions, and my declarations, set out below. I further acknowledge these statements are being accepted and relied upon by Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) CONDITIONS OF VOLUNTEERING I acknowledge that my participation as a volunteer is subject to, and I agree to abide by, the following conditions: 1. I will respect the rights, dignity, and worth of every individual at the event, including participants, other volunteers, and spectators; 2. I will act professionally and take responsibility for actions, including demonstrating high standards in respect to language 4. I will not consume any drugs or alcohol that will impair my judgment and/or ability to volunteer and assist in this event; and 5. I will not discriminate against anyone based on sex, ethnicity, religion, ability, or performance. 6. I will proactively consider the health and safety of myself and others at all times and report any safety issues or hazards I become aware of during my volunteering activities 7. I will not make any statements on behalf of Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld). If necessary, I will refer the person to an Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) employee. 8. I will get involved in the day and have fun. Alzheimer’s Australia (Qld) reserves the right, in its sole and complete discretion, to deny any person from volunteering and/or to terminate any person’s engagement as a volunteer at the Event.