Participate in research

Dementia researchers in Victoria include world leaders in research into the cause and treatment of dementia.

The success of their research depends on the generosity of volunteers who give their time to participate in studies.

Dementia Australia Vic is supporting the recruitment of volunteers for important research projects that aim to learn more about dementia. If you are a person with dementia or caring for someone who is, we do hope you will consider volunteering to be involved in research.

Participants Wanted for Alzheimer’s Disease (Pre) Clinical Study

If you are healthy and between the ages of 65 and 85, you could be eligible to participate in a new trial called The A4 Study, which aims to prevent memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

About The A4 Study

The Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic Alzheimer’s study (The A4 Study) is a pre-clinical trial to test a new drug on older individuals who may be at risk of suffering memory loss as a result of Alzheimer’s disease.


A screening process will be carried out to identify suitable participants. This will involve examining a variety of factors relevant to the trial, such as memory measures, health assessment and brain scanning. We are particularly interested in screening people who are in the 70-75 year age group, who have a normal memory, but who are worried about either getting dementia or who might have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information

Visit or call (03) 9389 2904. Download flyer here.

Or visit our recruitment page here to apply for the study, as well as find some additional information.


To view a list of all current research studies requiring participants both in Victoria and Nationally, please click here to visit the Dementia Research Foundation website.