Legacy of Honour

Dementia Australia wishes to acknowledge the significant contribution made by people from all over Australia prior to October 2017 during the federated era of Alzheimer’s Australia.

In the past across the former state and territory organisations there were different approaches to honouring those who made an extraordinary difference to the lives of people living with dementia, their families and carers. The titles awarded were as Honorary or Life Members. Traditionally these titles were officially bestowed at Annual General Meetings and endorsed by the respective state and territory Board members of the time.

As the former membership programs have been dissolved we wish to uphold the decisions made by our past colleagues and acknowledge the following for their contribution towards the shaping of the organisation Dementia Australia is today.

Ian & Corinne Haynes David Galbally QC Barbara Potter AM
Michael Pedler Pamela Galli Gordon B Robinson
Sir David Smith Geoffrey Gill Nicholas K Rogers
Trevor Wheeler Stephen Hawke Jack Sach
Lyn Allison Carolyn Holten Carmel Thorne
David Andrews Dr Susan Koch Anne Tudor
Margaret Baulch Mandy Lovell Tom Valenta
Margaret Cameron Mary Lyttle Tony Walsh
Patricia Collett OAM Lynette Moore Keith Wehl
Anne Fairhall Brian Moss AM