Advocacy in research induction and training development

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Dementia Advocates are being consulted for a project designed to strengthen involvement of Advocates in research and to empower them to take on research roles with confidence.

Guided by Dementia Advocates and Dementia Australia Advisory Committee members Bobby Redman and Ann Pietsch, Consumer Engagement Coordinators for research Sarah Jay and Kate Harding hosted the very first Advocacy in Research induction session.

Advocates who attended the first session (pictured) provided valuable feedback which has improved the session’s content and delivery.

A working group has been formed, comprised of researchers and Dementia Advocates Bernadette Healy, Isabelle Burke, Dennis Frost, Natalie Ive, Kevyn Morris, Adrian White and Dubhglas Taylor. The working group will inform the development of research-specific training for researchers and Advocates to support the involvement of people with lived experience of dementia in research.

Photo L-R: Kate Harding, Consumer Engagement Coordinator for research, Dementia Australia, Sarah Jay, Consumer Engagement Coordinator for research, Dementia Australia, Ann Pietsch, Dementia Advocate, Sue Watts, Dementia Advocate, Maria Capogreco, Dementia Advocate, Jennifer Mathven, Dementia Advocate, Bernadette Healey, Dementia Advocate, Kylie Johnson, Consumer Engagement Coordinator, Dementia Australia, Tracey Fernley-Pearson, Dementia Advocate, Catherine Windsor (not pictured), Dementia Advocate.

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