March 2023: Update from the Dementia Australia Advisory Committee (DAAC)

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Dementia Australia Advisory Committee group photo

Hello Everyone, 

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I was celebrating New Year…blinked….and now it’s March. There’s always so much happening. I do hope that 2023 is shaping up to be a good year for you. 

Our most recent DAAC meeting gave us the opportunity to re-examine some of the priorities that we have identified this year. Some action has already occurred with Dementia Australia’s policy submission to the Employment White Paper, which was fully informed by Members and Advocates in relation to workplace discrimination experienced by many of those diagnosed whilst still in the workforce.

A working group has also been developed to work towards increased engagement with GPs, practice nurses and their peak bodies. Of course, there is still much to do but there was a strong commitment made by the Committee to ensure action to back up the long list of priorities. 

Unfortunately, I missed the February Advocates drop-in meeting, due to personal commitments, but look forward to catching up with some of you very soon. These online meetings are a great opportunity for us to start to get to know each other and recognise some of the great work being done by Advocates around Australia.

Improving Dementia Advocate networks is high on our list of priorities – no man is an island and we want to make sure that all Advocates recognise that we are all there to support each other. 

Wishing you all well. 

Bobby Redman 
Chair, Dementia Australia Advisory Committee 
e. [email protected] 

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Photo: L-R Jenny Lawson, Val Schache, Juanita Hughes, Kevyn Morris, Dennis Frost, Ann Pietsch, Bobby Redman, Sarah Ashton, Natalie Ive.

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