May 2023: Advocates in the media

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Chair of the Dementia Australia Advisory Committee Bobby Redman on ABC Weekend Breakfast


Chair of the Dementia Australia Advisory Committee Bobby Redman was interviewed on ABC Radio PM, ABC News Weekend Breakfast, SBS radio, SBS World News and several other outlets following the tragic incident that led to the death of Clare Nowland, who lived with dementia, in New South Wales.

Peninsula Living interviewed Dementia Advocates Bill Yeates and Kay Hughes for a feature story. Bill spoke about how he lives well with dementia and Kay shared her experiences as a carer.

Dementia Advocates Sarah Ashton and Val Schache were interviewed on ABC Radio’s Radio National about assistive technology. 

CoastFM radio interviewed Dementia Advocate Geoff Richards about the dementia-friendly community alliance in Marion.

ABC Gardening Australia featured a segment on the Woowookarung Dementia-Friendly Forest and Sensory Trail. Dementia Advocate Anne Tudor has been involved with the project since the beginning and was interviewed for the show. The full interview can be viewed on ABC’s website.

ABC News The Drum interviewed Dementia Advocate Val Fell as part of a panel discussion with writer and mental health advocate Mohammad Awad, GP, author of ‘Save Your Brain’ Ginni Mansberg and CEO of the Council of Small Business of Australia Peter Strong covering a number of facets related to dementia. You can view the full segment on ABC iview.


Social Media

Dementia Advocate Petra Kreuzer shared her experience getting a diagnosis for both of her parents who lived with dementia. (Facebook)

For Mother’s Day, we shared the documentary Everybody’s Oma is available for streaming. The project was led by Dementia Advocate Jason van Genderen whose mother Hendrika, affectionately known as Oma, lived with Alzheimer’s disease. (Facebook)

Dementia Australia Advisory Committee member Ann Pietsch shared her experience being a Peer Leader and encouraged others living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia to join the program. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Anthony Arrigo shared the signs and symptoms he noticed in his mum before she was diagnosed with dementia. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Adam Abassi shared how he found ways to keep his grandma, who lived with dementia, connected to her culture through food. (Facebook)

For May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day, we shared a story from Dementia Australia Advisory Committee member Dennis Frost about his love for science fiction. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Rachael Letts shared about her husband Robin’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and later Lewy body disease, and the symptoms he experienced. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Kay Hughes shared why she became an Advocate and the positive impact dementia advocacy has had for her. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Dr Ron Sinclair OAM shared about his experience contributing to dementia research. (Facebook)

As part of our Easter Appeal, Dementia Advocate Donna Lee shared about her diagnosis of dementia at age 52 and the support she found from Dementia Australia . (Facebook)

For Neighbour Day, Dementia Advocate Deidre Henderson shared how her husband Warren, who lives with dementia, was welcomed by the men in the neighbourhood and included in their weekly get togethers. (Facebook)

For National Advanced Care Planning Week, Dementia Advocate Linda Livett shared about the benefits of an early diagnosis for her husband Michael, who lives with dementia, so he could be involved in the planning process. (Facebook)

For Brain Health Awareness Week, Dementia Advocate Isabelle Burke shared the importance of brain healthy lifestyle and the things she is doing to improve her own brain health after her mother was diagnosed with younger onset dementia. (Facebook)

Photo: Chair of the Dementia Australia Advisory Committee Bobby Redman on ABC Weekend Breakfast

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