November 2023: Advocates in the media

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The National Tribune and Mirage News reported on Dementia Advocate Benito Chan being named the WA Senior of the Year: Metropolitan Award.

ABC Western Plains (NSW) interviewed Dementia Advocate Russell Martin about his local Orange community becoming dementia-friendly and the support available.

Have a Go News interviewed Dementia Advocate Stephen Slavin about his role as a carer for a story on men caring for their partners living with dementia.

10 News First Melbourne reported on the results of a study that found quality sleep could be crucial in preventing dementia. Dementia Advocate Mardi Sheahan who lives with dementia was interviewed about how sleep impacts her life.

The Shepparton News (VIC) reported on the range of fundraising and awareness raising work of Dementia Advocate Mick Simpson. 

For National Carers Week, Aged Health and Retail Pharmacy Magazine shared results of a survey highlighting overlooked impacts of caring roles and the experiences of Dementia Advocate Bobby Blake.


Social Media

To celebrate Animal Appreciation Week, we shared a stories from several Dementia Advocates on the positive impact their pets have on them:

  • Dementia Advocate Jenny Camilleri shared about two dogs who brought joy to her dad who lived with dementia. (Facebook)
  • Dementia Advocate Jill Heinrich shared that their puppy Suzie brought much happiness to her and her husband John, who lived with frontotemporal dementia. (Facebook)
  • Dementia Advocate Dharsh Ekanayaka shared how her two dogs help give her mum who lives with dementia a sense of purpose. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Tracey Fernley-Pearson shared how joining the Dementia Advocates Program helped her turn the sadness of her dad’s Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis into a positive. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Sandra Erikson discussed the first symptoms she noticed in her husband Richard and their experience getting his diagnosis of younger onset dementia. (Facebook)

We shared a poem written by Dementia Advocate Rachel Letts whose husband Robin lived with Lewy body disease. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Anthony Arrigo shared his thoughts on the complexity of grief experienced while caring for his mother who lived with dementia. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Brian Evans shared how becoming a Dementia Advocate and joining his local dementia alliance gave him support while he cared for his wife Dianne, who lives with dementia. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Col Blake and his wife Shirley were featured in a video for our most recent fundraising appeal. (Facebook)

To promote our recent diversity and inclusion survey, Dementia Advocate Luke Power shared why he is passionate about sharing his experience and bringing awareness to the LGBTI and Aboriginal communities he represents so more people can get the information, care and support they need. (Facebook)

To acknowledge Transgender Awareness Week, Dementia Advocate Anne Tudor OAM shared why it’s important to have a safe, dedicated space for members of the LGBTIQ+ community impacted by dementia, such as the Memory Lane Café – Victorian Pride Centre. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Robyn Jenkins shared about her husband Mark’s diagnosis with younger onset dementia at age 52 and the impact that it had on them. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Ruth Bohill shared a difficult moment she experienced caring for her mum who lives with dementia. (Facebook)

To celebrate Grandparents Day, we shared a story from Dementia Advocate Erica Krieger about the special bond she had with her grandmother Coral, who lived with Alzheimer's disease. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Keith Davies shared about his experience caring for his wife Beverly who lives with Alzheimer’s disease and his advice for other carers. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Dominique O’Leary shared some of the challenges she faced moving her dad, who lived with dementia, into aged care. (Facebook)

Dementia Advocate Bill Yeates shared about his grieving process after receiving a diagnosis of younger onset dementia. (Facebook)


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