A Stronger Voice Together

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Screenshot from the A Stronger Voice Together working group Zoom meeting

The Stronger Voices Together co-design working group met for the last time to review and ratify Dementia Australia’s Consumer Engagement Framework, A Stronger Voice Together.

The document is now in its final design phase before being released.

A Stronger Voice Together outlines the key principles that should underpin the organisation's action plans - which span all of our functions - so we can track and measure our progress towards successful engagement and ensure continuous improvement.

Going forward Advocates will be invited to be involved in working with Dementia Australia staff to develop meaningful action plans based on the framework’s five principles.

Dementia Australia acknowledges the contribution of everyone who gave their voice to the development of the Consumer Engagement Framework.

In particular, we thank the following living experience experts of the A Stronger Voice Together co-design group: Vicky Barry, Karen Glennen, Nell Hawe, Katy Hughes, Mithrani Mahadeva, Vern Marshall, George Papadopoulous, John Quinn, Bobby Redman, Cameron Stewart and John Thorpe.

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