To Whom I May Concern

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Dementia Advocates Susan Hamilton, Gwenda Darling and Bobby Redman

Dementia Advocates appeared in further performances of the To Whom I May concern stage production, a unique and world first collaboration between Group Homes Australia, Dementia Australia, University of New South Wales and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Held at the Wharf Theatre in Sydney in February, the show played to packed audiences who were moved and uplifted by performances which blended chamber music with the poignant storytelling of advocates.  

Not only did these performances give voice to the differing experiences of people living with dementia and mild cognitive impairment, but they also fostered conversations and deeper understanding in the wider community.

Well done to Val Schache, Dennis Frost, Nell Hawe, Bobby Redman, Gwenda Darling and Susan Hamilton for their commitment and preparedness to tell their stories and participate in this production.

Photo: (L-R) Dementia Advocates Susan Hamilton, Gwenda Darling and Bobby Redman.

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