Dementia Australia Library - July Pick of the Month

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Each month, we will share with you a fantastic resource from our Dementia Australia Library.

For July, we have selected Living Your Best with Early-Stage Alzheimer's An Essential Guide by Lisa Snyder.

This book provides a thorough, practical guide on coping with the diagnosis, managing symptoms, finding meaningful activity, planning for the future and maintaining important relationships. The book serves a working guide to help the person with Alzheimer's feel empowered to move forward in life in light of this challenging diagnosis.

Other books available with similar themes include:

Somebody I Used to Know

by Wendy Mitchell

How do you build a life when all that you know is changing? How do you conceive of love when you can no longer recognise those who mean the most to you?

This phenomenal memoir is both a heart-rending tribute to the woman Wendy Mitchell once was, and a brave affirmation of the woman dementia has seen her become.

Dancing with Dementia My Story of Living Positively with Dementia

by Christine Bryden

The truly inspirational account of living positively with dementia. Bryden was a top civil servant and single mother of three children when she was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 46.

Bryden makes an outspoken attempt to change prevailing attitudes and misconceptions about dementia. Arguing for greater empowerment and respect for people with dementia as individuals, she also reflects on the importance of spirituality in her life and how it has helped her better understand who she is and who she is becoming.

The book is a thoughtful exploration of how dementia challenges our ideas of personal identity and of the process of self-discovery it can bring about.

Alzheimer's from the Inside Out

by Richard Taylor

Full of questions, reflections, frustrations, and humour, this collection of provocative essays offers readers a rare exploration of the world of individuals with Alzheimer's disease. Diagnosed with dementia, psychologist Richard Taylor shares a revealing account of his slow transformation and deterioration over a 6-year period after his diagnosis.

With remarkable clarity and candor, Taylor gives voice to the thoughts, fears, and desires of all people with Alzheimer's disease and offers valuable insights for their caregivers. More than 80 brief essays and vignettes poignantly address issues faced by those with Alzheimer's disease, including loss of independence and personhood, communication difficulties with caregivers, and never-ending uncertainty about the future.

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