People recently diagnosed with dementia now supported with new program from Dementia Australia

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Dementia Australia has begun to offer a new support program for people recently diagnosed with dementia. Held over six sessions, Dementia Australia staff will help people living with dementia live well.

Dementia Australia Dementia Advocate Cameron and his wife Kathy reached out to Dementia Australia after he was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. 

“For anyone newly diagnosed with cognitive impairment or dementia, go and see Dementia Australia, simple as that,” Cameron said. 

“I’m not qualified to give advice but I think they’re the people to go to.  

“They’ve got a library, they’ve got counsellors, they’ve got psychologists, they are empathetic, they deal with it all the time and they’re just fantastic for the advice, help and connection with other people with a similar problem.” 

Dementia Australia offers support for people of all ages diagnosed with dementia. The new post diagnostic support program is designed to support people living with dementia manage their diagnosis and live well. Support is also available for family and carers.  

As part of the program, a skilled Dementia Australia staff member will be the single point of contact over the six sessions. They will work with participants to understand their specific situation and provide information and support based on what is most important to each individual.  

By accessing support following a diagnosis, we can help people impacted by dementia to:  

  • increase understanding of dementia  

  • plan support services and networks  

  • develop personal and lifestyle strategies  

  • prepare and plan for any changes.  

Dementia Australia staff will also be able to support participants access other appropriate Dementia Australia programs and other services, including My Aged Care and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  

The six sessions can be held over six weeks or within a 12-month period, depending on what suits participants. We offer sessions through Australia, via phone or video conference. 

Dementia Australia continues to offer our popular Living with Dementia Program for those who prefer a group model of service. 

To find out more contact our National Dementia Helpline on free call 1800 100 500 or complete our online service enquiry/referral request form: