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Sign up for a MY Memory Walk & Jog

National Paralympian wheelchair rugby player Ben Newton OAM is throwing his support behind Dementia Australia’s reimagined Memory Walk & Jog events. Ben’s Pa lived with dementia, and this year will mark his second Memory Walk & Jog. And even the current restrictions are not enough to prevent him from showing his support!

“My Pa and I were really close when I was young. I had my spinal cord injury at two-years-old and he was an ever-present support for me through childhood and even into my teens when we moved cities.

“Dementia Australia has helped our family in so many ways. It can be really sad and frustrating at times, but Dementia Australia helped me to understand how important it is to remember: People with dementia are still people with rights and lives, who deserve to be treated with respect.

“After my Pa passed away in 2018 I wanted to do something to recognise him and everything that he meant to me, so I looked into Dementia Australia’s fundraising campaigns. By coincidence around the same time, I was also looking for fun run style events, so the stars aligned perfectly with Memory Walk & Jog.”

Like Ben, we’re encouraging all Australians to undertake their own Memory Walk & Jogs at a time and place that suits them, and pledge their kilometres to Dementia Australia.

It’s completely free to register for a MY Memory Walk & Jog. Sign up today at to show your support for people impacted by dementia during these challenging times.