Will you StepUp for Dementia Research?

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Will you StepUp for Dementia Research?

In these extraordinary times, the challenges we are all facing due to COVID-19 are not something any of us ever expected. Despite these challenges, the need for dementia research has never been greater, with dementia being the second leading cause of death of Australians, and the leading cause of death among Australian women.

The team at StepUp for Dementia Research is continuing to support researchers in recruiting volunteers for its much needed dementia research, which is aiming to improve diagnosis, treatment and care, and find a potential cure for the disease.

By completing the five-to-ten-minute registration process for StepUp for Dementia Research you will be eligible for studies that match your criteria and will be notified of studies you can participate in.

Registration can be done either online at https://stepupfordementiaresearch.org.au/ or over the phone at 1800-7837-123

At present, three research studies are looking for volunteers through StepUp. The names of which are as follows:

  • Changed behaviours associated with memory and cognitive decline
  • INSPIRED-II – Younger Onset Dementia
  • CogNet: A healthy brain ageing online psychoeducation and cognitive training intervention for older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Over 100 researchers have expressed their interest to use StepUp to recruit their participants, therefore if you do not currently meet the selection criteria for a study, rest assured that you will be match to an appropriate study if and when it is listed with StepUp.

We encourage you to sign up as a volunteer so that you receive information on studies you could participate in, even if you are not yet ready to participate in a study but would like to in the future.

Sign up for StepUp today and help contribute to the next dementia breakthrough!

StepUp is currently led by The University of Sydney and its website is https://www.stepupfordementiaresearch.org.au