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My beloved Dad (country Victoria) was forced into aged care for 6.5 years by my sibling (Adelaide), who didn’t want him living with us in a loving family unit.

We had an incredible amount of contact with him, and supported him in every way, took him on outings regularly, bought him to the family home weekly for special roasts, and treated him with dignity at all times.

He felt special and loved.

For 20 years we NEVER missed a birthday, father’s day or Christmas etc. No different in aged Care. He was a lucky one.

So many I witnessed NEVER saw their ‘loving’ families (too busy or not a priority – because they’d forget we visited anyway), never had support and were treated like children, and drugged when they had verbal altercations!

From my experience, aged care should only be a last option when all other avenues are exhausted within family.

Family is best if possible.

Aged care often strips their trust and dignity. They are left to vegetate often, and they are always short staffed.

Sadly between my sister and Dad’s trustee company Dad’s dignity was striped long before he entered care.

A long story…..