Dementia Advocates Lynda and Veda share their story for Pride Month

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Veda and Lynda leaning close together and smiling with trees in the background

Lynda and Veda met in 2006 and not long after Veda moved from Sydney to country NSW to find a new beginning. Unfortunately, Veda was diagnosed with a form of younger onset dementia in 2012 and life took a different turn.

A performer by trade, Veda has had an extensive national and international artistic career and performed in pioneering bands including ‘The Party Girls’, ‘Garbo’, ‘Daughters of Zeus’ and ‘Safari’. She is described by Lynda as “a poet, with an innate musicality”.

Lynda meanwhile, has a background in the vocational education sector, including disability policy and maintains a strong interest in the intersection between dementia and disability, and supported decision-making models.

The couple have a long history of sharing their experiences to raise awareness of dementia and they have found that being part of a community in their local area as well as online has made a big difference in their lives.

Known around town as ‘the girls’, Lynda and Veda are founding members of the Kiama Dementia Alliance and feel accepted and supported by their local community. They are also active online and are supporters of Dementia Alliance International (DAI).

“We had to build new social connections when we moved from the city and we have made a new network within the LGBTI community that overlaps with the dementia community, especially online.”

Lynda and Veda have collaborated with Dementia Australia in the development of resources for the LGBTI community. They also provided testimony to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, sharing their lived experiences of members of the LGBTIQ and dementia communities.

During June, Dementia Australia is sharing stories of LGBTIQ Dementia Australia Dementia Advocates as part of Pride Month. We thank all amazing, diverse and committed Dementia Advocates for their ongoing support.