A Good Catholic Girl

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“I am a good Catholic girl” she said, as a matter of fact. “I will not have sex till I’m married” reputation secure and intact

 My presence beside her the trigger I was in her room late at night, and because of her Catholic upbringing to her, it just didn’t seem right

As I help care for this lady Alzheimer's is taking control, her memory is losing the data she still is a beautiful soul

She is almost eighty years old her memory is decades behind, as recent events quickly leave her they cannot be stored in her mind

Sometimes, I will do marriage guidance, she asks me to speak to her man I can’t see but do sense his presence

 I tell her I’ll do what I can It seems she is seeking forgiveness as past indiscretions unfurl, I tell her that all is forgiven she still is, “A good Catholic girl”

-       John Sullivan