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33 years ago my Mother was diagnosed with Dementia.

The Doctor told my Father and me that Dementia meant Mum's brain cells were dying, and nothing could be done.

She would soon be institutionalised in Kenmore Mental Asylum - a very old, lock-up facility. This left us feeling helpless, hopeless and broken-hearted over what was happening.

The illness progressed as expected, with Mum "living" her last 4 years in Kenmore, not recognising me, not talking, and cared for by people who were not able to help us connect in any way.

You can perhaps imagine the grief that hit me when 6 months ago my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

What a blessing when a friend introduced us to Alzheimer's ACT and how different things are this time around! We have been able to attend a 6 week "Living with Memory Loss" course and only those who have been through a similar journey to mine would understand how much it means to be given caring, ongoing support from people who can help us face each step of a journey which will be ongoing and difficult.

We are immensely grateful, but we pray that ongoing research will soon discover the answer to "what triggers" the disease.