Jean and Graham

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My journey with Alzheimer’s began about three months before my husband was diagnosed with the disease in September 2007.

I noticed that my husband was repeating the same conversations several times each day and, to begin with, it was generally about the weather. When you hear the same sentences numerous times each day, it not only irritates but it points to some underlying problem. I was lucky and managed to get my husband to see a specialist with a few months of first noticing this trait.

He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and, of course, had to give up driving immediately. This meant that we spent more time together and, while we were happy to do so, it meant even more sessions of repetition.

My husband was initially given Aricept and, in the later stages of his illness, Ebixa. Speaking as Graham’s primary carer, I do know that both of these medications appeared to give him better quality of life than he would have had without such treatment. They certainly reduced the stress and strain on our relationship by curtailing or even eliminating some of the disruptive and repetitive behavioural patterns experienced by sufferers of this dreadful disease.

I was able to keep my much loved husband at home until two months before his death in June 2011 because of the care and treatment he received from his GP and specialist. Furthermore, my inability to cope would have occurred much sooner had he not been on these medications.