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My story begins with my parents. My father had Alzheimer’s and his change was very sad to see although I could see the change in him, my siblings were too busy to notice.

He had other health problems by which I am aware of what medications side effects have on the individual. Only by research did I find this out.

My father died in 2010 with a subdural hematoma as he would constantly loose his footing and the nursing home he was in he had a fall which put him in hospital never to come out.

My mother has Dementia and is still with us and when she started to change like my dad I just wanted to do all I could for them but the elderly get proud and don’t want people to think they aren’t capable.

Over the past two years I have seen the elderly in a different light and all the nursing home chatter I will call it has opened my eyes wide. Not enough spots, not enough GOOD staff, not paid enough, and the lack of support for the families who are going through this by shrugging of concerns for their loved ones.

We need more research and action plan to prevent this disease that is only increasing daily and we need more nursing homes for this purpose. We will be there one day ourselves and I for one don’t want to be left in a home that is poorly run and the cost for fees should be more managed and affordable for everyone not just the rich.

I hope this helps you with a short account of my dementia story.