A Painful Memory

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A mournful cry was coming from a mother in distress she was sobbing uncontrollably her mind was under stress A piercing pain was searing through her heavy broken heart, it was nighttime, her and I and I was unsure where to start

“The doctor says she has to go I’ve done all that I can” she blurted out between the sobs I tried to understand “I have to let my baby go, I hope I’ll be forgiven” I could not quite imagine how her mind was being driven

I sensed that she was seeking reassurance for her plight someone to understand her and to tell her she was right, I offered my endorsement of the action that she took not knowing of the circumstance, I wont forget the look 

She’s stricken with Alzheimer’s shattered memories a blur but for a time the fragments did align to torture her, A memory resurfaced that she tried hard to forget now it was here to haunt her and it wouldn’t leave her yet 

I stayed with her until I sensed her recollection passed dementia meant the memory was unlikely to last She thanked me for the shoulder that she used, to bare her soul but I felt so inadequate sometimes, it takes it’s toll.

John Sullivan. May. 2013.