Phil and Grace

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Grace Edwards was born 4/2/1927, she was diagnosed with dementia at Casey Hospital October 2007 after an operation at Dandenong Hospital to remove gallstones, gallbladder and repair a hernia. It was previously a gradual diminution of memory over several years. She was medicated for low level depression.

On recommendation of our doctor we received 1 hour/ week home help and 1 hour/week social visit.

Stage 2:
Upgraded to Villa Maria early 2007

Stage 3:
She went to Casey Hospital Rehab for 4 ½ weeks after her visit to Dandenong Hospital where she was diagnosed with dementia. Institutionalised care was recommended. We both said “what about home care?” EACHD package recommended. It took 7 weeks to transfer from Villa Maria low level care to Bapcare. Dire restrictions were imposed until Bapcare came on board. Bapcare then gave immediate help with setting up powers of administration. Bapcare organised increase of respite hours to approx. 17 hours/ week to help with work demands. Their care is basically structured but offers flexibility for specific requirements.

The package also provides addition of equipment as Gracie’s needs increase. Bapcare are proactive in with our current needs and end of life planning. The only real problems were in transition pre Bapcare at start of the process. It would have been better to organise Power of Attorney before Grace was diagnosed with dementia as only Power of Administration available later.