Remember to say I Love You

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I lay here in my bed awake still, sleep I know at some stage I will, 

Morning seems so far away, sometimes I wonder if Mentia will stay. 

I often wonder if I am really mad, or if this is real. It is really sad, 

Frontal temporal lobal dementia they say, then younger onset dementia, all here to stay.

Will get worse, won't get better I am told, That there is no cure makes me go cold

 I am amusing to my family, wife and all when I speak of a long lost past, Truth gets stretched a little as memory falls from my grasp

It is about the only bright spot for my carer, my wife - the love of my life

One day soon Mentia will go away I say, Suzie says “oh I think it's here to stay”

People stare, look at me strange; they don't know or care, If they understood they wouldn't stare

 Help me to make them see, it's really me

Cognitive functions are getting harder each day, Simple tasks getting harder now; frustration that this will stay

Always look forward never look back, REMEMBER to say I LOVE YOU every day

Could be the last thing you get to say.

Mick Carmody 2014

Mick Carmody smiling