The Road Forward Is The Way Back

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Dried reeds dance in the wind by the side of the road as the miles pass by, And sunlight streaming through the car window in rays connects my present to my childhood past.

Shapes of gathering clouds elicit from deep within my mind memories of lying on my back in perfect harmony and tranquillity with my world and letting my imagination take over my very being.

There is nowhere I can’t go and nothing I can’t do, empowered by the boundless montage of fantasies I can create from the sensations surrounding me.

Verdant hills roll and roll like landlocked waves as I ride along, again consumed by the allegories arising from innocent musings.

Those were times of peace and comfort, when nothing seemed impossible and reality was an unknown beast, one to which I needed not succumb.

Yes, the further I ride down this highway, the more I can recall of that age.

It seems clearer to me now even than it did then.

I liked that mental place – it was my friend, my guide and my solace.

I shall keep driving ahead until I am again reunited with that part of me.

Then no one will know me and I won’t know them for we will be of different worlds.

They will say I have Alzheimer’s, but I shall say nothing, just content to be in my own safe world of long ago.

Sa ‘mohtLe ‘Achim