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I befriended a loving person some 30 years ago. We got on great together and enjoyed travelling around Australia.

Then in 2000, Margaret started not been able to remember things. Not able to do what she use to. Then it would come back to her.

She was changing and she realised it.

We went to the doctors. He suggested to have some tests. They did not go the way we would have liked (Alzheimer’s very possible).

The first few years we could work it out. At times it was very hard. I used to be able to give Margaret notes and was able to get her to do things. Slowly she started to burn food and I needed to know how to get a meal, wash up, dusting and that dreaded vacuum cleaner. These were things that I had never done, and Margaret was getting worst.

We would sit and have a few tears. We talked a lot about what this was doing to Margaret. For a few years, Margaret could still have a conversation. She would repeat herself a fair bit, but our real good friends did not worry about it. These people still make a fuss of her even though she cannot remember their name.

Margaret lost her mind in 2004.

The family started to drift away a bit. We do not see them a lot. It used to get her down at first. Now she does not talk about them. And my family has been great to us.

Margaret cannot tell you their names and that does put sorrow in your heart because you can see the anguish on her face quiet often. I was told once that we would loose a lot of friends. I did not think that would happen. But it did. But we have met a very caring group of people.

Over the last couple of years, Margaret has slipped to that of a child and she has become very dependent on people. I just hope that I can keep going for her. She can get nasty. But when she is pleasant she is a beautiful person to have in your company.

You do not get much conversation from her. Quiet often I cannot make anything out of it. That makes her a bit agro, I fear. I feel sad for her as she cannot convey herself.

I still have lots to learn. I do hope the way I am handling this is the correct way.