Thinko! … It’s game on for dementia

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People across Australia are being encouraged to have fun, boost their brain health and raise vital funds to help fight dementia by hosting Thinko! games and trivia events throughout September to coincide with Dementia Awareness Month.

Thinko! is an innovative, free resource that’s been specially created to equip hosts with everything they need to organise a ‘battle of the brains’ between family, friends, neighbours or colleagues at their local pubs, work places and homes.

Mentally challenging your brain and being socially active can help boost your brain health and may reduce your risk of developing dementia. For that reason, Thinko! has been specifically developed in consultation with Alzheimer’s Australia NSW educators and other experts in the field to include games, trivia and brainteasers that will test and stretch six key areas of the brain.

The Thinko! Games Pack has been designed to include various challenges, meaning after eight rounds you will have used every area of your brain. The Thinko! Trivia Pack is perfect for those who enjoy a good quiz, allowing you to choose your own topics, or take your chances by letting Thinko! choose them for you.

If playing host isn’t your thing, there’s no need to miss out on the fun. Existing hosts across Australia are encouraged to register their events online, so you’ll be able to get a team together and enter your nearest public Thinko! event.

All funds raised at Thinko! events will be donated directly to Alzheimer’s Australia NSW, to help enable dementia support and research. Current figures estimate there to be 115,000 people living with dementia in NSW, with this figure expected to increase to 272,000 by 2050. Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and there is no cure.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW CEO The Hon. John Watkins AM said Thinko! is a fun, mind-bending way to get together with friends, have a great time and support a great cause at the same time.

“Thinko! is not only encouraging Australians to think about their brain health, but they’re supporting Alzheimer’s Australia NSW by encouraging members of the public to host fundraising events during Dementia Awareness Month,” Mr Watkins said.

There is also an interactive, mobile-friendly website that includes a Thinko! Play microsite with new puzzles added every day, so you can easily exercise your brain wherever you are.

Exclusive Thinko! puzzles, games and trivia questions have been generously developed and donated by Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles - the market leader in puzzle magazine publishing throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Christine Lovatt, co-founder of Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles, said: “We’re excited to be involved with the Thinko! Campaign and continue to support and educate people about the importance of a variety of mental activities to boost brain health”.

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW would like to thank Sydney-based web developer James South for donating his time in creating the interactive Thinko! website.

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