Dementia Advisory Commitee

25 October, 2013

Read about the Dementia Advisory Committee and what they aim to achieve.

A Current Affair aired a story about our Dementia Advisory Committee last night.

About the Dementia Advisory Committee:

  • The committee was developed by Alzheimer’s Australia as a way of giving people with dementia a voice.
  • The committee is made up of 12 people who have dementia and who want to be actively involved in advocating for the needs of people with dementia through Alzheimer’s Australia.
  • Communication with the group is via email and teleconferences, with a face to face meeting one to two times per year.

The Committee aims to:

  • Determine the priorities of people with dementia.
  • Contribute to policy and advocacy work.
  • Promote dialogue between those with dementia and service providers with a view to promoting a better understanding of their social and care needs.
  • Assist in refining and evaluating Dementia Australia’s national programs.