Dementia Australia 2005 Conference

Day 1


Keynote Address

Dementia Drugs - Mainstream & Alternative Medicines 
Susan Kurrle  

Is there a pre-dementia syndrome? Is Mild Cognitive Impairment a Myth?  
Henry Brodaty  


Promoting an Understanding of Dementia For Staff who Deal with the Public 'Over the Counter'
Chris Shanley

Acute Care

Dementia & Delirium - The Unrecognised Connection
Julia L. Poole  

Home is where the heart is : The challenges of discharge planning with people who have dementia
Zoe Ellis & Rachel Wilson  

Respite Care

Respite Care in the 21st Century
Judith Hick  

Positive Solutions to the Challenges of Residential Respite
Alexandra Lara

Community Care  

GPs Caring for People with Dementia & their Carers
Charles Bridges-Webb  

Strategies & Supports

Thoughts on Music Therapy
Ruth Bright  

Life Enhancing Technology
Tim Wallace

Assessment tools  

Memory Clinics on the Far North Coast of NSW
Kathryn Pigott  

Opening Our Eyes to Depression & Dementia
Leonie Young  

Medical Matters  

Hereditary Dementia in Australian Families: Could there be a Protective Gene?
William Brooks, Olivier Piguet, Hayley Bennett & G Anthony Broe

Mapping Dementia  

Memory Rehabilitation in Early Dementia
Diana Golvers

Residential Care - Special Needs  

Quality Care for People with Down Syndrome & Dementia
Dianne Winters  

A Proactive Response to Changing Cohort of Dementia Care Residents
Jennifer Perkins  

Do Residents with Dementia have the Right to Live Amid Cognitively Intact People?
Deidre Moran  

Facilitated Workshop  

Policy Workshop for Carers 
This report summarises the outcomes of the two consumer workshops which were held separately for people with dementia and family carers.


Day 2


Does the Living with Memory Loss Program Work? Results of the National Evaluation
Mark Bird

Ethics - Carers & Families  

The Family Agreement - A Collision between love and the law?
Brian Herd  

When the Caring Journey Ends: Supporting Carers Searching for New Paths
Anne Sammut  

Ethical issues  

Dementia and Palliative Care - Practical and Ethical Considerations
Jennifer Abbey

Early Dementia  

Dementia: Not Only a Condition for the Elderly
Lynn Mather  

Beyond Respite Care - Support Services that Enhance Life
Brian Corley  

Living with Dementia not Dying from It
Shirley Garnett  


Health Benefits of Laughter & Humour
Anthony Ackroyd

Issues for culturally & linguistically diverse communities  

Kalimera - Host Home Respite for Greek People Living with Dementia
Sue Leake

Rural Issues  

Dementia - Positive Solutions in Acute Care
Priscilla Taylor  


Day 3  


Address by the Minister for Ageing 
The Hon. Julie Bishop MP

Alternative Approaches  

Music Therapy: Empowering People Living with Alzheimer's Disease
Cameron Haigh & Alison Ledger    

Music Therapy: Empowering people with Alzheimer's Disease
Cameron Haigh

Care partnerships & Community approaches  

Who are you? Responses to Behavioural Changes
Robin Wirth  

Care Partners - Towards a New Paradigm of Care
Paul Bryden  

Responding to special needs  

Care 4U Program
Barbara Caroll  

Dementia & Disability
Lewis Kaplan


Future Directions 
Glenn Rees, National Executive Director

Poster Presentations  

Delirium Management in 3 Steps 
Eesa Witt