Dementia Australia 2007 Conference

A journey of passion and purpose.

Hosted by Dementia Australia WA, Dementia Australia's 12th National Conference was held in Perth, WA, 29 May to 1 June 2007 and boasted a record attendance of 950 participants.


Day One - Wednesday

Dementia Day Care Centre Design : Virtual Tour of Contemporary Best Practice 
Claudia Kennedy

The Experience of Allied Health Staff Working in a Sub-acute Dementia Specific Ward 
Jenni Barnett

Research in Australia - Our Contribution 
Henry Brodaty AO

Mind your Mind - Dementia Australia's Dementia Risk Reduction Program 
Joint Presentation with David Oliver & Anne Connor

Planning Ahead Living With Dementia and Ensuring a Secure Financial Future 
Steven Cowell

Simple strategies for complex behaviours - Do you know your ABCs? 
Angela Crombie

Creating Dementia Friendly Physical and Social Environments: A New Resource for Residential Care Facilities 
Sam Davis

Images of the Mind: Sharing Impressions of People Living with Dementia - The Sefton Art Project 
Presented by Barbara Davison and Barbara Potter

Dementia Care Mapping: A New Direction in Dementia Care Practice 
Anne Deck

The Challenges and Barriers Facing People Diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia 
Shirley Garnett

Staying at Home with Dementia - How Technology and the Environment Can Help 
Marleina Hoschke

Communicating with People with Dementia 
Jim Jackson

Contemporary Extensions of Person-centred Care and Their Implications for How Dementia is Described to People with Dementia and Their Carers 
Geoff Jones

A World of Difference - Meeting the Unique and Complex Needs of People with Younger Onset Dementia and Their Families 
Marilyn MacArthur

EACH Dementia - A Journey With Choice 
Karen McBeath

Prevalence and Course of Depression in Cognitively Intact and Cognitively Impaired Nursing Home Residents 
Kate McSweeny

What's Good About Dementia Care in Australia 
Virginia Moore

Promoting Person-centred Care for Patients with Dementia in Acute Care Environments: Does Staff Education Make a Difference? 
Pam Nichols

Identifying Needs, Burden, and Distress of Carer's of People with Frontotemporal Dementia vs. Alzheimer's Disease 
Paula Nicolaou

Caring for a Younger Person with Dementia 
Tony Ramshaw

On the Road Again: Successes and Challenges in Mobile Community Dementia Risk Reduction Education 
Claire Sherwood

Grief and Loss in a Support Group Context: A Workshop for Facilitators of Carer Support Groups Limited to 25 Participants 
Anne Tunks

Person Centred Care: Rhetoric, Reality and the Role of Clinical Leadership 
Lorraine Venturato

Dementia Care in Hospitals Program 
Mark Yates


Day Two - Thursday


On the Outside Looking in: Developing a Palliative Approach for People with Dementia - Family Members Understandings 
Sharon Andrews-Hall

Educating staff in Residential Care facilities to manage Behavioural and Psychological symptoms of Dementia using a Non-Pharmacological Interventions 
Robyn Attoe & Alissa Westphal

Dementia Care Clinical Nurse Consultant - Changing Dementia Care Practices in a Community Based Organisation 
Judith Basile

Best Practice in Dementia Carer Support Groups: An Evidence Based Model 
Jo-Ann Brown

What a Person with Dementia and her Care Partner will Want from the Aged Care Sector 
Paul Bryden

From Caring to Enabling in Dementia 
Marc Budge

Positive Images of Life with Younger Onset Dementia 
David Anderson
Accompanied by papers from Jenny Potter and Rita McKechnie

Take Time To Smell The Roses, The 3 A’s of Therapeutic Gardens 
Jason Burton

The Journey Ends: The Experience of an EACH Package Partnering with a Carer, to Assist a Person with Dementia to End Their Journey at Home 
Sharyn Johnson & Kellie Callender

Carers Need to Know - a Preliminary Study of Information Needs of Unpaid Carers of People With Dementia Over Duration of Their Caring Role 
Jean Elder

Flying Solo: Living Alone at Home with Dignity 
Wendy Francis

The Importance of Appropriate Spiritual Care- the Perspective of a person with dementia Shirley Garnett

Developing a Career Path for Health Professionals Who Work with People with Dementia in WA 
Barbara Horner

An Anchor in Chaotic Seas - Staff Perceptions of the Impact of a Systematic Meal Protocol Kirsten James

Creative Communities: A Way for Recovery of Skills in Dementia? 
Presented by Hilary Lee and Wendy Hudson

Every Picture tells a Story Will be using art materials and working on tables 
Jacqueline Lewis

No More Puritanical Sexuality in Residential Care: A Hopeful and Positive Approach to Sexuality in Dementia 
Bernie McCarthy

The Technological Imperative - is there room for ethics? 
Tim Wallace

Building Culturally Competent Care 
Lily Muthurajah

Indigenous Dementia in Northern Western Australia: Working with Communities to Determine Prevalence, Needs and Appropriate Support 
Pam Nichols