Dementia Care Conference 2008

Dementia Care : The Way Forward

21-22 February 2008

Rokeby Police Academy, South Arm RoadRokeby, TAS.

Dementia Australia Tasmania was privileged to be able to offer this conference to Tasmanian health care professionals. The impressive range of National and International speakers gathered for this event guaranteed the quality of the knowledge gained.

Presenters included Professor Henry Brodaty, Associate Professor Susan Koch, Dr. Jane Tolman and Glenn Rees, National Executive Director, Dementia Australia.

Dementia Care Conference, TAS. Program & Registration


Quality Dementia Care - Is It Mission Impossible? 
Adj Assoc Prof Sally Garratt

The Change 
Malcolm Lazenby

The Freemasons Experience 
Kathryn Marney

From Dreams To Reality 
Rhonda McCoy

Annie's House 
Simone Tedman

Dementia In General Practice 
Dr Jane Tolman

Ethical Issues In End-of-life Dementia Care 
Assoc Prof Rosalie Hudson

Saying It How It Is - Care Planning For Dementia 
Prue Mellor

Sex - Not In My Unit 
Assoc Prof Susan Koch

The New Player - Media Portrayal, Public Perception 
Assoc Prof Marc Budg