Dementia Action Week - Discrimination and Dementia Survey

For Dementia Action Week 2019, we called on the community to complete a short survey. This will help create an informed, national picture to better understand how discrimination for people living with dementia occurs and what it would take to shift discrimination.

Discrimination can happen in a number of ways:

  • a person living with dementia might be ignored or dismissed in conversations;
  • sometimes people without realising will talk directly to the carer as if the person living with dementia is not even there;
  • assumptions might be made about a person’s capacity to contribute to conversations, decision-making, whether they can still drive, cook or even continue to work;
  • friends and family might stop calling or inviting a person living with dementia to social occasions – not out of deliberate neglect but possibly out of not knowing how to include them.

Take a stand against discrimination.