Dementia Action Week - Real Voices

Read about real voices of people living with dementia and their experiences with discrimination.

These are just a few examples of discrimination experienced by people living with dementia.


Kevyn loves to tinker on his cars, he's an avid photographer and he's spoken at research events and in front of Parliament, yet people think he's making excuses when he says he can't remember.


Jeff enjoys watching classic cinema with partner Sebastian and puppies Marcello and Coco. Both have presented at Dementia events all over Australia. Jeff feels that people's treatment of him comes from their lack of knowledge of the disease.


Juanita has her masters in BioAnalytical Chemistry and is working towards a PhD, but she's afraid some people can't see past her dementia.

Tim likes to stay active and social, he enjoys tennis and squash every week, but still gets avoided by ex-workmates at social events.


Bryan is very active in his community, he's loves amateur radio and makes platters at his local men's shed, but because he's sometimes slow to respond people tend to ignore him altogether.

Dennis travels internationally doing some fantastic advocacy work for dementia, but he still finds that people treat him differently because of a label.


Trevor golfs, he's a yachtie through and through and he loves spending time with his grandkids. But sometimes he loses his train of thought and people ignore what he was saying and continue without him.

Bev is a keen outdoors enthusiast and loves to go up to the Blue Mountains for walks, as well as working in the garden and participating in book club. She finds people get frustrated with her and don't give her the time she needs.


Dementia doesn't discriminate. Do you?

We need to change the way we respond and behave towards people in our lives and in our community who are living with dementia.


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