Dementia & Disability

Dementia & Disability

Program Purpose and Overview
This full day program provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of dementia and dementia care. Foundational knowledge will be provided in recognizing the signs of dementia and to establish the link with disability and ageing.

The workshop also provides an introduction  to the changes in communication which can occur,  and the principles of communication to be more effective with someone with dementia. An opportunity is given to discuss Person-Centred Care in the context of a person living with dementia, and how this links with current practice in the disability sector.

Participants are provided with an environment to examine attitudes to changed behaviours in people with a disability and dementia. Information is provided to better understand the person , and strategies to meet their changing needs with progressive cognitive impairment.

Benefits and Outcomes for Participants

Attendees will:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of dementia
  • Identify the correlation between brain function and dementia
  • Identify the connection between dementia & Intellectual disability
  • Utilise strategies for increased meaningful engagement
  • Understand how dementia affects communication
  • Identify how these changes present and learn appropriate skills to improve interaction.
  • Look at the principles of person-centred care in effective dementia practice
  • Examine attitudes around changed behaviours in people with disability and dementia
  • Apply strategies to respond to changed behaviours to improve the quality of life for people living with both disability and dementia.

Duration: 6 hours

Suitable for: Disability sector and disability care staff

Registration Enquiries: Phone: (08) 8372 2100 or Email: