Dementia Consultancy Services in VIC

The Centre for Dementia Learning provides a flexible range of consultancy support uniquely tailored to assist organisations achieve their specific goals. Our team works with executives, managers, staff, consumers and families to implement evidence-based and sustainable practice improvement.

Our consultancy approach

Our consultancy framework represents opportunities for change and growth that encourage engagement across the whole organisation.

The framework includes:

  • building sound evidence to support practice improvement
  • exploring and developing a unique model of care
  • a focus on sustainability
  • developing staff knowledge and skills to support the engagement of people with dementia in purposeful and enjoyable activities


QPS Benchmarking, a leading provider of benchmarking and quality improvement products and services in Australia and New Zealand, wrote a case study on the partnership between TLC Marina and Dementia Australia's consultancy service which you can read about by clicking here.

The focus of our consultancy work is people

  • people living with dementia should enjoy purposeful lives that reflect their strengths and abilities, interests and choices
  • families should feel respected and welcome as a valued member of the community of care
  • staff should experience rewarding work and inclusive teamwork
  • the organisation should implement systems and practices that support meaningful relationships, a homely community and a competitive business advantage

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs and goals for care delivery and customised in-house training at your premises or ours as well as a suite of online learning.

For general enquiries about Consultancy services in Victoria or to arrange any of these session at your workplace simply contact our Customer Relations Consultants to further discuss your training needs and get an obligation free quote.

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