Introducing Dementia Alliance International

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is the global voice of people with dementia, working with the philosophy of ‘Nothing about us, without us’ and encouraging organisations to do the same.

Started by seven passionate dementia advocates from four countries, DAI is an advocacy and support group of, by and for people with dementia.

Dementia Alliance InternationalDAI is also registered as a charitable non-profit organisation in the USA. Membership now represents 35 countries and almost 2000 members and DAI is the global voice of dementia.  

DAI is also the peak body globally for people with dementia and seeks to advocate, support, and educate about dementia. As an organisation we aim to provide a unified voice in the fight for individual autonomy and improved quality of life. 

People with dementia have not been fully included in the very things that affect and matter to them and DAI works tirelessly to change that. We also aim to represent the more than 47.5 million people currently diagnosed with dementia globally, and are in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Disease International. 

DAI’s vision is for a world where a person with dementia continues to be fully valued and fully included.

Membership is free, and is exclusive to anyone with a medically confirmed diagnosis of any type of dementia. People with a dementia can join here

Others interested in our work can subscribe to our weekly blogs and occasional newsletters here . We also host monthly webinars with international speakers that everyone is welcome to attend.

DAI provides weekly online support groups for people with dementia. They are held in time zones suitable to people living in a number of different countries, and everyone with dementia who becomes a member of DAI is welcome to join one of these support groups. Membership to join these support groups is also free.

Support groups help people with dementia beat the isolation of dementia; people with dementia quickly learn what fun it is being part of a supportive group of friends, all living with a diagnosis of dementia, as well as discovering the power of self-advocacy. 

There is no need to leave home, as these groups are online and members can be supported by family or friends and even a paid carer. DAI also has private Facebook groups for people with dementia to join and share support.

One person with dementia, who was feeling like there was nothing left to live for said:
Meeting and speaking to others facing the same as me, in a confidential, relaxed, online group, in the privacy of my own home, felt like it saved my life. Knowing I didn’t have to watch what I said, as we have all got dementia, makes is easier, and more helpful.

DAI also has a support group specifically for people with a diagnosis of Primary Progressive Aphasia as a symptom of their dementia, which is successfully helping members find a voice.  We are proud of our support groups, specifically because of the support they offer members, including in countries such as Nigeria.

24 hour/day online zoom chat rooms are also available for a number of different groups, including an exclusive zoom room for people with dementia, one for family care partners and people with dementia, members of the LGBTI community, email us for more information or for the specific login details. 

Zoom ( is free to download, and easy to use if you have access to a computer with a camera and the Internet. If you can use Skype, you will easily be able to use zoom. 

Through collaboration with ADI and national Alzheimer’s organisations around the world, we work to support all people with dementia, their significant others and the broader dementia community.

Kate Swaffer, the Chair, CEO and co-founder of Dementia Alliance International is also the Chair of the Dementia Australia Dementia Advisory Committee and a dedicated supporter of Dementia Australia. Contact Kate by email or via her website.