Many Miles For Mary

"She left this world lonely, slowly and scared, and at the time I didn't know what to do. This disease of forgetfulness stole the one person in my life I never wanted to lose, she was a mother to me, a friend and a nurturer," Jamie Milne.

Jamie MilneThere are some pretty special people in this world and we'd like to introduce you to Many Miles For Mary.

In September, Jamie Milne (Many Miles For Mary) plans to run 2,080 kilometres, from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, in 18 days in a bid to raise $20,000 for the Dementia Australia Dementia Research Foundation.

Jamie's nanny, Mary is the inspiration behind this mammoth journey and the fundraising banner Many Miles For Mary, which Jamie runs under.

The experienced, in-demand trainer and a results based strength and conditioning coach also has many years of Ultra Marathon running experience, so Jamie is no stranger to pounding the pavement for days on end. 

But even for a seasoned veteran like Jamie, this will be his toughest challenge yet and so to help on those long, lonely roads he’s enlisted a little help from his fellow marathon-loving friends.

Melbourne’s Josh Jones, fellow fitness industry guru and #JBNPROJECT (Just Be Nice), will run Jamie out of the starting blocks on day one accompanying him the 42 kilometres from Odin Performance Centre in Albert Park and out of Melbourne.

Original 2009 Many Miles For Mary runner Simon Batt will also run alongside Jamie, joining him for days six, seven and eight of the journey through Sydney, clocking up the kilometres in the “Stand and Fight Dementia” community bank and adding valuable funds to the total.

Marathon runners Aarthi Venkatesan and Melanie Panayiotou have also pledged kilometres to the “Stand and Fight Dementia” kilometre bank and will provide Jamie some much-needed company along the way. 

Jamie attributes all the goodness in his personality and character, values, principles and love to his grandparents, especially his Nanny Mary who was in the true essence of the word, a lady.

“The yearly event reminds me of this sweet and special person that was to me my own angel sent down to earth to show me that in a world full of complexity, there is much peace in simplicity,” Jamie said. 

One of Jamie’s fondest childhood memories was sharing a foot stool with Mary, watching Coronation St under a tartan blanket and enjoying jam, tea and toast.

Starting on Saturday 17 September 2016 from the Odin Performance Centre in Melbourne's Albert Park the Many Miles For Mary run will cover three states and four major cities before wrapping-up at the Jamie Milne Training facility on the Sunshine Coast.

So far, Many Miles For Mary has held a number of fundraising events and added almost $3000 to the kitty, for dementia research. Many Miles For Mary

Many Miles For Mary are inviting anyone to join the “Stand and Fight Dementia” kilometre bank. Members of the public are encouraged to support Jamie by nominating a distance, running it and then posting it to social media notifying Many Miles For Mary. Anyone who wants to run, can run in their own time and post it to social media with hashtags #mmfm2016 #standandfightdementia.