Many Miles research fundraising goal reached

Many Miles fundraisingThey’ve done it. 

The Many Miles for Mary team have raised more than $22,700 for Dementia Australia’s Dementia Research Foundation, running more than 2,000 kilometers from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast.

Not only did Jamie Milne and the crew raise money to support dementia research, they shared important dementia information and raised awareness every step of the way - in memory of Jamie’s nanny Mary.

Jamie trudged on despite heavy rain the first few days, battled countless blisters, swollen feet, ankles and knees, to cover 80km a day for 18 days during Dementia Awareness Month in September.

Many Miles fundraisingGood friend and fellow gym owner Josh Jones, joined Jamie on the first leg out of Melbourne while members of the running community joined in along the way to offer support to Jamie as he made his way up the east coast of NSW and into Queensland.

Dementia Australia National Dementia Consumer Network member John Quinn, who is living with a diagnosis of dementia, joined Jamie on the second last day for 10 kilometers as he made his way toward the Sunshine Coast.

“He truly is an amazing and very generous young man,” John said.  

Those who could not join Jamie in his quest donated their own kilometers to the community kilometer bank.

There was a 20th wedding anniversary celebrated with a run alongside Jamie and a dog accompanied him some of the way, many memories shared and friendships forged but a personalised hand written note from nine-year-old Tilly Lancaster lifted Jamie’s spirit high on day 12.

Many Miles fundraisingTilly’s note, written in green texta was simple, yet touching and perfectly fitted to the task at hand:

To Jamie, 

Life is full of challenges but no matter how big or how hard it seems everything can be accomplished if you just believe in yourself.

Go Jamie!

As Jamie reached the Sunshine Coast the Many Miles For Mary family rallied and helped Jamie run the final few emotional kilometers home.

“Meeting so many generous and interesting people along the way was fantastic,” Jamie said.

“It was amazing to find so many people who had been impacted by dementia, who would come up to us and share their story. It was really sad actually.

Many Miles fundraising “It was a bit emotional on the last day knowing what had been achieved, how far we’d come but also knowing it was coming to an end. I shed a few tears that day, but it was great to see everybody welcome us home as we ran to the end.”

The Dementia Australia Dementia Research Foundation would like to thank Many Miles For Mary for their outstanding effort. The funds raised will contribute to a grants program that funds the best new and early career researchers to research the causes, care, prevention and potential treatments for dementia. To find out more visit the AADRF website.