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This section of Dementia News provides information on the latest videos, help sheets and other new resources on our website.

Help sheets

Dementia Australia help sheets provide advice, practical approaches and strategies on the issues most commonly raised about dementia. The following help sheets have been reviewed and updated in May 2017:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people:

What is dementia?

New help sheetsAbout dementia:

Diagnosing dementia
Early planning
Memory changes
Alzheimer's disease
Posterior Cortical Atrophy

Caring for someone with dementia:

Safety issues
Working with doctors
Late stages of dementia
Palliative care

Dementia Q&A:

Mild cognitive impairment

Information for people living with dementia:

Feelings and adjusting to change
Keeping involved and active
Talking about the diagnosis
Talking with your doctor

New help sheetsLooking after families and carers:

Taking care of yourself
Men in a supportive role
Coping after the death of someone with dementia

Younger onset dementia:

Younger onset dementia - an overview
Planning ahead decision making capacity and the law
Attention and memory   
Language and communication   
Addressing challenges   
Health, wellbeing and lifestyle