For people with dementia

Dementia Australia offers a range of education programs designed to support the specific needs of people living with dementia.

Living with dementia program

If you are living with early stage dementia or are a family carer for someone with dementia, you are welcome to join our early intervention program. You will get information and support through sharing your experiences with a small goup of others in a similar situation.

Recently Diagnosed with dementia information sessions

If you have recently received a diagnosis of dementia or are caring for someone recently diagnosed with early stage dementia - this session is for you

Counselling and support 

Find out what support, information and advice is available in your region. We have the people and expertise to listen to your concerns and provide the information, practical advice and support you may need. You can speak to us by telephone or in person through our Counselling services and network of Dementia Advisory Services.

Social and therapeutic activities

Join one of our selection of single event and ongoing activity programs for recreation, therapy and social support. Many activities are conducted in partnership with local community groups around the state and most are free of charge.