Living with dementia program - for clients

This program provides an overview of dementia and how to proceed after a diagnosis. It covers coping with change, relationships and communication, planning for the future and staying healthy.

Dementia Australia's facilitators have specialist dementia knowledge, skills and experience. These sessions are delivered interactively, you will be encouraged to share your experiences alongside other participants giving you an opportunity to develop new support networks.

You will gain knowledge in:

  • dementia and related issues such as planning for the future
  • strategies for living positively with dementia including support
  • the management, reduction and/or prevention of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia

Suitable for: People living with dementia and their family carers and family members. 

This session will benefit people who have received a recent diagnosis and in the early stages of living with dementia. This session is not suitable for people without a diagnosis, people living with dementia who do not acknowledge their diagnosis, have behavioural concerns or who are non-verbal. 

If you register to attend this program you will be contacted by Dementia Australia staff to ensure that the program will meet your needs and that you meet the eligibility requirements. You will be required to attend multiple sessions or a block of time, and should be willing to participate in a workshop and therapeutic  style environment. 

This program is not suitable for professional carers or people employed in the health or aged care industries. The resources, content and delivery will not meet the needs of professionals. To explore Dementia Australia’s range of professional development, please visit the Centre for Dementia Learning.

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