Mild cognitive impairment - for clients

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This session provides information about mild cognitive impairment as it relates to older people, including diagnosis, progression, treatment and management strategies.

Dementia Australia's facilitators have specialist knowledge, skills and experience. 

You will gain knowledge in:

  • mild cognitive impairment 
  • strategies to assist with changes related to mild cognitive impairment
  • services and accessing support

Suitable for: People diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, people concerned about their cognition and their family carers and family members.

This session will benefit people concerned about their own or someone else's cognitive impairment and people wanting to understand the difference between dementia and cognitive impairment. 

This session is not suitable for people living with dementia or people who do not acknowledge they have cognitive impairment.

This program is not suitable for professional carers or people employed in the health or aged care industries. The resources, content and delivery will not meet the needs of professionals. To explore Dementia Australia’s range of professional development, please visit the Centre for Dementia Learning.

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