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A range of Webinars have been developed for both people living with dementia and their carers or support people.

What is a webinar?

A Webinar is an online education tool that allows you to watch a presentation in the comfort of your own home, on your own computer. The presenter talks on the given topic for up to one hour.

Recently diagnosed with dementia

This webinar discusses; what dementia is, the importance of planning for the future, as well as giving suggestions of how to live well following a diagnosis of dementia. This webinar covers some of the supports, services and programs provided by Dementia Australia.

Difficult conversations

This webinar discusses some of the topics that people living with dementia, their care partners family and friends often find hard to raise. This webinar also aims to provide strategies and information to enable these conversations to occur.

Driving and dementia

This session discusses the impact of dementia on driving, reporting requirements and provides some ‘getting around’ options for non-drivers.


Webinar Topics designed for carers and support people

Understanding dementia

An introduction to dementia for family carers, this session explains the types of dementia and the importance of diagnosis, early planning.


This session looks at the changes in communication that occur for the person with dementia. It provides information of the problems that come about from communication breakdown and offers some suggestions for achieving better communication.


To provide carers with an understanding of the factors contributing to changes and how to respond to these changes in the behaviour of the person with dementia.

Family and friends

A broad overview of dementia for immediate and extended family and friends, wanting to know more about different types, signs, symptoms and progression of dementia. You will receive information about effective communication strategies, and explore a range of issues that impact upon your relationship.

Transitions into care

Making the decision to access an aged care facility is one of the most difficult that carers have to make. This session covers the practical aspects of selecting an aged care facility and the processes involved. Participants are also prepared for some of the issues that arise for the person with dementia and ways to support them in the move.

Understanding younger onset dementia - for family carers

Although the risk of developing dementia increases with age and most people living with dementia are over the age of 65, younger people can also be diagnosed. This webinar aims to increase your awareness of the common and less common causes of younger onset dementia, the unique and often complex impact a diagnosis has on the person and what can assist the people that support them most.