Specialised education videos

Dementia Australia have welcomed guest speakers to record a specialised education video for you to access.

Currently available:

The Benefits of Dementia Counselling

presented by Dementia Australia Counsellor Robert Eddie.

Down Syndrome and Dementia

presented by Dr Sushmita Hunter.

Physiotherapy and Dementia

presented by Gerontology Physiotherapist Joanna-lee Tan.

Understanding Capacity and Decision Making

presented by Margaret Crothers and advocate Halil Ozbeyazli of Seniors Rights Service.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

presented by Cognitive Neurologist Dr Rowena Mobbs.

Music engagement for people living with dementia

presented by Music Therapist Geena Cheung.

The impact of childhood trauma on a person living with dementia and their family

presented by Doctor Monica Cations and Meg Schwarz.

Recently diagnosed with dementia

presented by dementia advocate Nell Hawe.

Changed behaviours

presented by Scientia Professor Henry Brodaty AO.

Clinical trials and research opportunities

presented by Dementia Australia Research Foundation Manager Annette Moxey.

Dementia with Lewy Bodies

presented by Professor Simon Lewis.

Frontotemporal dementias

presented by Professor Amy Brodtmann MBBS, FRACP, PhD.

Mild cognitive impairment

presented by Associate Professor Michael Woodward AM.

Palliative care and dementia

presented by Dementia Australia Clinical Nurse Consultant Sarah Jamieson.


presented by Dementia Australia expert Sandra Kay.

The Montessori approach to activities and dementia

presented by Dementia Australia expert Wendy Henderson.

Younger onset dementia

presented by Professor Dennis Velakoulis.

Future planning

presented by Sarah Breusch.

Men in the caring role

presented by Dementia Australia expert Vincent Poisson.

Family relationships and dementia

presented by Dementia Australia family clinician Jane Smith.

Younger onset dementia and the caring role

presented by Dr Wendy Kelso.

Younger onset dementia and the NDIS

presented by Dementia Australia expert Joshua Moody.

Dietetics and the benefits of nutrition in dementia

presented by Dietician and Dementia Australia expert Charmini Athukorala.

Communication problems in dementia - Should I see a speech pathologist?

presented by Professor Kirrie Ballard.

How occupational therapy can assist you

presented by Ocupational Therapist Christina Wyatt.

At home with dementia - Creating a supportive and enabling environment

presented by Dementia Australia expert Cathy Tippett.

Driving and dementia

presented by Doctor Theresa Scott.

Moving forward with dementia using rehabilitation

presented by Professor Lee-Fay Low.

Click through for more information on each and to register your access details. Upon registering you will receive access on screen and an email to view at a later stage.