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The Dementia Australia Research Foundation provides a free service to Australian researchers to invite people to participate and get involved in their research.

If your organisation is conducting a project or a trial relating to an aspect of dementia research, please let us know. 
For more information or queries about this process, or to upload a flyer, please contact

Trials or projects MUST meet the following criteria:

  • The trial or project must be run by a recognised research organisation/institute
  • The trial or project must be approved by a recognised ethics committee (please include the committee name and approval number under "Further Information")
  • The trial or project must provide support to participants and to those not accepted during the trial or research project
  • Information on the outcome of the trial or project must be made available to the participants
  • The trial or research project must nominate a contact person who will be able to answer participants' queries.

If you are an Australian-based researcher please fill in the submission form below.

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