Evaluation of a Dementia Awareness Resource

Centre for Remote Health – A joint centre for Flinders University and Charles Darwin University 

Evaluation of a dementia awareness resource for use in remote Indigenous communities

Dementia is a growing health care issue for remote Aboriginal Communities and has received relatively little attention to date. The awareness of dementia and related issues is low among community members who experience linguistic and cultural barriers to becoming well informed. In 2008 Dementia Australia Northern Territory (ALZANT) identified a lack of appropriate resources for talking about dementia with remote Aboriginal community members. 

In 2009, a research group at the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs was successful in obtaining a Hazel Hawke Grant to evaluate the resource Looking Out for Dementia. The aims of the evaluation were to:

  • Assess whether the resource was effective in achieving the aim of awareness raising
  • Evaluate the role and value of using Indigenous Languages within the resource
  • Identify enablers and barriers to using the resource in remote Aboriginal Communities
  • Make recommendations for further development and implementation

Looking Out for Dementia has a significant role to play in addressing the gap in the education of Indigenous populations and relevant workforces. 

For further reading on this evaluation see attached document.