For the community - NSW

We provide a range of programs to increase awareness of dementia and related issues in the community.

With our community growing more conscious of dementia, we have developed awareness programs to dispel myths about dementia and provide better understanding of memory and ageing. 

Guest speakers are available on request to provide awareness presentations to community clubs and groups, including options for communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.  Awareness seminars are regularly scheduled throughout all regions of NSW.

Events and activities

Memory and Ageing

A two hour interactive presentation that increases understanding of dementia and the issues relating to normal ageing and memory loss. It will help alleviate ageing worries and provide strategies to help your memory.


Your Brain Matters™

A community awareness program about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how it may help minimise the risk of developing dementia.  Read more about brain healthy activities.


Healthy Brain Ageing Presentation

This 60-90 minute community awareness presentation addresses the myths surrounding dementia and provides information relating to normal ageing and memory loss.  This session is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning The 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Brain Health and how to help reduce their risk of developing dementia. Topics presented include:

  • — The Brain
  • — Memory & Thinking changes with age
  • — What is Dementia?
  • — Facts & Figures – present and projected
  • — 5 Simple Steps to Maximise Your Brain Health
  • — Brain Health Challenge
  • — Q&A

Read more about brain healthy activities.


Upcoming Healthy Brain Ageing Events:

Monday April 24th in Bonnyrigg: (for those speaking Cambodian): For more details of how to register please click on the flyer (in English) or the flyer (in Cambodian).

Tuesday May 10th: (for those speaking Vietnamese

Wednesday June 14th: (for those speaking Chinese)

Wednesday July 12th: (for those speaking Italian)

For details on how to register and for more information, please view the flier

The Memory Van

The Memory Van is operated by Dementia Australia NSW and is an important part of our community outreach service. The van visits towns and regions across NSW throughout the year, helping to spread the news about living a brain healthy lifestyle and how to reduce the risk of developing dementia, as well as presenting information for carers and people living with dementia. 

From March to May 2017, the Memory Van will be visiting the following areas (details of time and location to be advised):

  • Central Coast
  • Hunter region
  • Lake Macquarie




If you would like a speaker to present at your community group or for the Memory Van to visit, please contact your nearest Dementia Australia NSW office.